Which operating system is best - google android or windows mobile?

They each have their merits. I personally use a blackberry and had an iphone 3gs until it pissed itself and died. I used a windows mobile phone (HTC Fuze) until I got my blackberry. I haven't used android too too much.

Android is open source and anyone can develop for it. Also, apps are in a market. This means anyone can make an app to do anything and a lot of them are going to be free. This also means that really horrible apps are going to get through because they aren't monitored like Apple's. This also means that a bad app has the potential to seriously mess up your device or even steal information (think viruses). However, android is much more user friendly and for the most part, the apps are great.

Windows mobile is much harder to use, but has more of a computer feel to it. For instance, the Fuze could print things over a network printer when it was on wifi or connected to a PC by bluetooth. Windows Mobile seems to really want to be a computer on a phone, but it doesn't work all that well. Its slow and confusing (to a new user).

I would personally recommend android because of its ease of use and how much you can do with it once you really learn about it. Just be careful what you download.

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